Violet Petals

Violet Petals

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A Beautifully crafted Small style flower crown, made using 100% Merino wool felt, ensuring absolute luxury,quality and durability.

These Smaller styled crowns are great for when you want something more detailed than a simple rose crown, but not as large as a flourishing Deluxe crown! They are just the right size and style to suit little ones without being to overwhelming yet big enough to pert nicely on the side of an older child's head. An all round winner :-)

The lightweight material means the crown is very comfortable to wear throughout your day too :-)

Safety and Care

Bows, Flower crowns and other hair accessories are not toys. Please DO NOT let your child sleep in them or leave them unsupervised. Although this may be an obvious warning, some items may have small parts and could become loose within time and become a choking hazard. The buyer acknowledges these responsibilities and will assume all liability.